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T-Gallery, Panská 24, Bratislava, Slovakia
26. 09. - 16. 11. 2013

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The exhibition entitled "Trihory" shows drawings of Eveliina Hämäläinen and Kristína Hečková from the region of Trihory. Since their first visit to the region in 2010, Eveliina and Kristína found a system of joint drawing: occasionally they swap their work-in-progress; another time they draw simultaneously on the same piece of paper. Sitting beside each other, they draw inspired by the nature that surrounds them.  This exhibition shows the works created during their fourth trip to Trihory completed in September 2013. 

The region of Trihory stretches from the Finnish Archipelago to Chočské vrchy in central Slovakia. Its length is estimated at 1686 kilometres and its width goes up to 240 kilometers. The highest mountain in Trihory is called Kolme Vuorta and from the point of view of its onlooker it reaches between 210 and 4809 meters. 

The region of Trihory appears only occasionally, but mainly during cold and freezing periods. The weather in Trihory is unpredictable. The most precise way to assess the weather in Trihory, is to go outside, turn your face upwards, spread your arms, close your eyes and wait. Despite the new technologies and the progress made in the development of measuring equipment it still remains the most reliable assessment.

It is possible to enter Trihory in many different ways. Currently, however, we don’t understand the laws and regulations governing the entry and exit to this region. The conditions for entering are unpredictable and constantly changing. A previous successful visit to Trihory won’t guarantee further smooth entries.

Only three people can enter Trihory at a time. Everyone enters independently and alone. Entering Trihory is voluntary and rests upon a free choice of the person entering. 

Výstava s názvom "Trihory" predstavuje denníkové kresby Eveliiny Hämäläinen a Kristíny Hečkovej z regiónu Trihôr. Prvýkrát navštívili autorky Trihory v roku 2010. Tam sa zrodila myšlienka spoločných kresieb: niekedy si rozpracované skice vymieňajú; inokedy kreslia naraz na jeden papier inšpirované krajinou, ktorá ich obklopuje. Na ich výstave v T-Gallery vystavia kresby a maľby z ich posledného vstupu do Trihôr, ktorý autorky podnikli v septembri 2013. 

Región Trihôr sa ťahá od južnej časti fínskeho Archipelaga až k Chočským vrchom na strednom Slovensku. Jeho dĺžka je často odhadovaná na 1686 kilometrov, šírka siaha do 240 kilometrov.  Jeho najvyšší vrch sa volá Kolme Vuorta a v závislosti od uhlu pohľadu môže siahať od 210 do 4809 metrov. 

Región Trihôr sa objavuje len sporadicky, no najčastejsie v chladnejších až mrazivých obdobiach. Počasie sa v Trihorách dá predpovedať len veľmi ťažko. Najistejší spôsob, ako zistiť, aké je v Trihorách počasie je vyjsť von, natočiť tvár smerom hore, rozpažiť ruky, zatvoriť oči a čakať. Napriek novým technológiám a pokroku vo výrobe meracích zariadení, zostáva tento spôsob stále najúčinnejší. 

Do Trihôr sa dá vstúpiť viacerými spôsobmi, no nie sú známe pravidlá ani zákonitosti vstupovania ani vystupovania z tohto regiónu. Predpoklady na vstup sú nepredvídateľné a kolísavé a ani predchádzajúca bezproblémová návšteva Trihôr nezaručuje ďalšie hladké vstupy. 

Do Trihôr môžu vstúpiť naraz iba traja ľudia. Každý vstupuje do Trihôr osobitne a nezávisle na druhých. Vstup do Trihôr je dobrovoľný a slobodný.

art fair DDessin

art fair DDessin

Atelier Richelieu, 60, rue de Richelieu, 75002 Paris, France
12. 04. - 14. 04. 2013

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Exhibiting my latest drawings in collaboration with Eveliina Hämäläinen with the Galerie Daniez et de Charette at the art fair DDessin in Paris.


“DDessin (13)” at the Atelier Richelieu


Paris, 18 January 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA).


The first edition of “DDessin (13)”, created and organised by Sandrine Bisognin and Christophe Delavault, will take place from 12 to 14 April 2013 at the Atelier Richelieu, located in the former printing house of the magazine L’Illustration, in Paris 6th district. This event will highlight drawings and works on paper.

About twenty galleries, from France – Galerie Caron Bedout, Galerie Daniez and de Charette, Galerie Céline Moine – and abroad – Maison d’Art (Japan), Yam Gallery (Mexico) – will be presenting works worth between €100 and €8,000. There will be a special space hosting the work of French and Belgian press and fashion illustrators. Video screenings will reveal motion drawings, and the place of drawing in contemporary technology. The curatorial project “Comme les 5 doigts de la main” wishes to highlight the broad range of possibilities offered through that medium.

A partnership with Le-Monte-en-l’Air, gallery-bookshop from Ménilmontant, will have carte blanche. Guillaume Dumora, founder of this meeting place for graphic art lovers in 2005, chose to feature draughstmen with a common interest for printed media such as graphzines, enabling them to spread their creations.

The event will end with the attribution of a special prize, awarded by a board of professionals and aficionados, including H. Angelina Medori, ARTE delegate for Cultural Action and Christine Vandoorne, head of the Domaine National du Palais-Royal.

Du 12 au 14 avril 2013

Atelier Richelieu; 60, rue de Richelieu, 75002 Paris

Une vingtaine de galeries françaises et étrangères mettent à l’honneur le dessin et l’oeuvre sur papier, un corner Illustrateurs révèle les travaux de sept illustrateurs français et belges de mode et de presse, une black box dédiée au dessin en mouvement accueille cinq vidéos d’artistes contemporains, tandis qu’une carte blanche à la librairie-galerie bellevilloise Le Monte-en-l’air permet de découvrir un vaste choix de dessins et d’éditions. Un prix sera par ailleurs décerné lors de l’événement.



Galleria FAFA, Lönnrotinkatu 35, Helsinki
07. 03. - 24. 03. 2013
art opening: 06. 03. 2013, 18:00

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Eveliina Hämäläinen and Kristína Hečková



The exhibition entitled ______________________  shows individual work of Eveliina Hämäläinen and Kristína Hečková as well as their joint drawing projects created at different times during the years 2011 and 2012 in Finland and Slovakia.

Eveliina’s oil paintings are based  on  her detailed observations and knowledge of nature. They are designs, stages or settings for an imaginary and mysterious narration, revealing a different story to every visitor. Eveliina’s landscapes reflect her thoughts and feelings and create an alternative reality through the use of multiple transparent layers of colour and surface carving.

A special feature of Kristina’s drawings is her use of clear, minimalistic compositions and main actors – animals strangled in deadly and evidently uncomfortable positions. Her subjects are difficult and uneasy, but the overall feeling is calm and balanced. It is precisely this combination of conflicting feelings that forces the onlooker to deal with more questions than answers: „Who strangled the animals? Why? What is going to happen next?“.

The cycle of small drawings is a result of spontaneous projects of both Eveliina Hämäläinen and Kristína Hečková which started in 2011 during their hike trip to Veľká Fatra, Slovakia. Already used to 

work in open nature and inspired by the visit of Veľká Fatra, Eveliina started to make sketches at the very places they stopped. At one point Kristína joined her in drawing and responded to Eveliina's lines, stains, textures...This is how the notion of joint drawing came to its existence (occasionally they've swapped their work-in-progress; another time they were drawing simultaneously on the same piece of paper): sitting beside each other they drew inspired by the nature that surrounded them.

It is not that striking that the two artists understood each other so naturally. Work of both Eveliina and Kristína is inspired by the nature, its fauna and flora. Despite their different approaches both lean to static compositions, metaphysical, empty spaces and careful use of the line and stain in the spirit of Japanese paintings. 

Eveliina and Kristína grew interested in joint creative process of drawings because it allows them to break away from the "burden" to get adequate results and thus provides the authors with the opportunity to regard the very creative process as their final output. This approach is liberating and at the same time encourages the authors to use graphic means which they would never use on their own.

It is very clear how both authors understand the creative process stimulated by their detailed contemplation of nature and its phenomena. When drawing outdoors they draw not only what they see, but what they knew of the place and how they feel about it.  Whilst indoors, they make use of these observations and mix, transform, combine them with their own imagination.  They create drawings revealing their own worlds with own patterns, colors and atmosphere.

They drew together two more times after their visit to Veľká Fatra. However, these two times they chose to draw in Finland.  The first project was accomplished in the national park Nuuksio in April 2012 and the second in November 2012 on the isolated island of Utö. Drawings created during their stay on Utö are so far their most comprehensive joint project which includes more than 60 drawings. This small, lonesome island covered in snow was the right source of inspiration for both artists. They created some of the drawings together and some individually. In the end however, it is nearly impossible to draw a line between two handwritings. The cycle leaves a compact and integral impression which is also backed by the decision of the authors to sign each and every drawing jointly and never reveal its origin.

Näyttelyssä  ______________________ on esillä maalauksia, piirustuksia ja taiteilijakirjoja Eveliina Hämäläiseltä ja Kristína Hečkoválta, sekä yhteistyössä syntynyt piirustus projekti matkoilta Slovakiaan ja Suomeen vuosien 2011 ja 2012 välillä.

Eveliinan öljyvärimaalaukset pohjautuvat havaintoon, tuntumaan mielestä ja luonnosta. Ne ovat luonnoksia, näyttämöitä ja lavastuksia kuvitteellisille ja mystisille narraatioille, jotka kertovat jokaiselle katsojalle omanlaisensa tarinan. Maisemat maalauksissa heijastelevat vaikutelmia ja ajatuksia koetusta ja luovat pilkahduksen vaihtoehtoisesta todellisuudesta. Maalauksissa on läsnä piirtämisestä kumpuava suoruus. Yhteen kietoutuvat kaiverrettu jälki ja läpikuultavat maalikerrokset.

Tunnistettavin piirre Kristínan piirustuksissa on selkeys ja minimalistisuus. Pääosassa esittävät kuolettavasti sidotut eläimet, jotka on aseteltu huomattavan epämukaviin asetelmiin. Hänen aiheensa ovat vaikeita ja rauhattomia, mutta siitä huolimatta kuvista välittyy levollinen ja tasapainoinen tunnelma. Kuvista kumpuavien ristiriitaisten tunteiden vuoksi, katsoja päätyy käsittelemään enemmän kysymyksiä kuin vastauksia: “Kuka ahdisteli eläimiä? Miksi? Mitä tapahtuu seuraavaksi?”

Kokoelma piirustuksia ja osasta sidotut kirjat ovat seurausta Eveliina Hämäläisen ja Kristína Hečkován spontaanisti alkaneesta yhteistyöstä, joka alkoi vaellusmatkalla Veľká Fatran vuoristossa Slovakian Karpaateilla syksyllä 2011.

Vuoristosta vaikuttuneena ja työskenneltyään usein ulkona, Eveliina alkoi tehdä piirustuksia vaelluksen välissä, tauoilla ja yöpymispaikoilla. Erään piirustuksen aikana Kristína alkoi piirtää mukana ja vastata viivoihin, tekstuureihin, väreihin ja tuntumaan.. Ajatus yhteisistä piirustuksista sai alkunsa. Toisinaan he vaihtoivat töitään kesken työskentelyn, toisinaan piirsivät yhtä aikaa samalle paperille, vierekkäin, kooten yhteen vaikutelmia ympäriltään.

Huolimatta erilaisista lähestymistavoistaan, kummankin piirustuksille tyypillistä ovat lähes staattiset sommitelmat, metafyysinen tyhjä tila, sekä viivojen ja jälkien täsmällinen käyttö.

Kiinnostus yhteistä luovaa prosessia kohtaan kasvoi, koska se vapautti lopputuloksen vaateistaan ja keskitti huomion piirtämiseen itsessään. Yhdessä tekeminen vei työskentelyä nopeasti suuntaan, joka oli ennakoimatonta molemmille.

Projektissa ilmeistä on, että kumpikin tiedostaa luovan prosessin saamat vaikutteet ympäröivästä todellisuudesta ja luonnon ilmiöistä. Ulkona työskennellessä piirtämiseen sekoittuu havainto ja tieto ympärillä vallitsevista olosuhteista, kun taas sisätiloissa muistikuva havainnosta muuttuu ja sekoittuu osaksi mielikuvitusta. Lopulta piirustuksista ilmenevät heidän omat todellisuutensa, sen lainalaisuudet, värit ja tunnelmat.

Veľká Fatran vuoriston jälkeen Eveliina ja Kristína tekivät yhdessä kaksi uutta piirustusmatkaa, tällä kertaa Suomessa. Nuuksioon huhtikuussa 2012 ja saman vuoden marraskuussa Utön saarelle. Pieni, yksinäinen lumen peittämä saari sai aikaan yli 60 uutta piirustusta. Osa on tehty yksin, osa yhdessä. Kahden käsialan välille on kuitenkin lopulta lähes mahdotonta vetää rajaa. Kokonaisuudessaan piirustuksista välittyy tiivis ja yhtenäinen vaikutelma, jossa kaikki työt on päätetty myös sinetöidä molempien allekirjoituksella, paljastamatta yksittäisen piirroksen alkuperää.

Supermarket 2013 - Stockholm Independent Art Fair

Supermarket 2013 - Stockholm Independent Art Fair

Kulturhuset, Stockholm
15. 02. - 17. 02. 2013

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SUPERMARKET 2013 - Stockholm Independent Art Fair

The international art fair created and managed by artists where hundreds of artists from over 30 different countries show the most innovative art in the world. Painting, video, sculpture, performance art, and a lot more.

For the fourth year in row, Supermarket will occupy Kulturhuset (the House of Culture in Stockholm) for a couple of happy days in mid-February.
On the programme: Seminar programme TALKS, the performance stage RED SPOT, networking meetings and more. SUPERMARKET ART MAGAZINE 3d issue is released including the catalogue. 
The artist-run galleries come from: Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Latvia, Morocco, Mozambique, the Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia (T-Gallery, www.tgallery.sk), Spain, Sudan, Sweden, South Africa, South Korea, the United States and Vietnam.



Drawing Now - Le Salon du Dessin Contemporain

Drawing Now - Le Salon du Dessin Contemporain

Carrousel du Louvre, 99 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France
29. 03. - 01. 04. 2012

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Represented by La Galerie Particulière, 16, rue Perche, 75003 Paris, France

DRAWING NOW PARIS l LE SALON DU DESSIN CONTEMPORAIN is the leading contemporary art fair in Europe exclusively dedicated to drawings. 

Catherine's Millet Imaginary Museum

Last year, with Pierre Cornette de Saint-Cyr's Imaginary Museum, we inaugurated a new concept at DRAWING NOW PARIS l LE SALON DU DESSIN CONTEMPORAIN which we announced would be adapted over time. Loyal to the idea of highlighting drawing, regardless of its intention and form, we imagined this concept, borrowed from Malraux, which involves inviting personalities to create their ideal museum in this field. A major and essential figure in contemporary art, Catherine Millet has accepted to rise to the challenge in what is a very busy year for her, as it is the 40th anniversary of the Art Press review that she founded. Avant-garde and loyalty are two words that accurately sum up the key role she has played over the years. Another, to her credit, is discretion. The founder of Art Press paradoxically knows how to take her time - just as she took a while to make her name as an author in her own right. This quality perfectly reflects drawing which is an essential exercise. The choices she has made for her imaginary museum will surprise more than a few, divided as they are between post-modern classicism and artistic invention. 

Philippe Piguet, Directeur artistique de Drawing Now Paris



La Galerie Daniez & de Charette, Paris, France
04. 02. - 18. 02. 2012

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La Poétique de l’Espace, Carte Blanche de la galerie DDC à la galerie laurent mueller.
Exposition du 4 – 18 février 2012, Vernissage samedi 4 février 16h – 21h
75 rue des Archives, 75003 Paris, ouvert du mardi au samedi 11h – 19h



La Galerie Daniez & de Charette, Paris, France
01. 10. - 02. 10. 2011

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- Matisse was there, La Galerie Daniez & de Charette, Paris, France

La Galerie Daniez & de Charette est heureuse de vous convier à sa nouvelle exposition chez Marc Lenot / « Lunettes Rouges »

Samedi 1er Octobre 14h-21h et dimanche 2 Octobre 14h-19h

Artistes: Mathieu Bonardet / Léo Dorfner / Kristina Hečková /Mathilde Roussel / Lucas Ruiz / Claire Vaudey / Anaïs Ysebaert

Final Product: DRAWING

Final Product: DRAWING

T-Gallery, Panská 24, Bratislava, Slovakia
15. 04. - 28. 05. 2011
art opening: 14. 04. 2011, 19:00

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Exhibition Final product: DRAWING presents the works of two young Slovak artists: Kristína Hečková and Daniela Olejníková, who see drawing not only as a stepping stone or sketch, but as the „final product“.

Both artists work under very specific circumstances. Series „invisible animals“ is basically the output of Kristina‘s performance during which  she stayed locked inside the gallery space, drawing on walls for 30 consecutive hours. Her performance was filmed and streamed in real time on the internet, where viewers became voyeurs, „spying“on the working artist. Because of the miniature size of Kristina’s drawings, the viewer could watch her getting more and more exhausted, but not see what she was actually drawing. To see the works themselves, the viewer has to come to the exhibition and search for the drawings in the space of the gallery.

The drawing series by Daniela Olejníková originated when she was sick and had to stay home for a prolonged period of time. The subject matter of her drawings was limited only to objects inside her own room. Daniela chose certain elements that were somehow familiar. First, she observed them carefully, recording their every detail, then, she drew them, sometimes only in outlines, which exclude error. Daniela takes objects out of context by replacing their natural environment with the white surface of a paper. The objects are perceived in a new light, their function is suppressed, while their esthetical one is reinforced.

Both artists see drawing as a form of diary of their isolation from the outside world. Their drawings reflect various phases and conditions, whether during a carefully planned performance, or unwillingly undertaken quarantine. The result is rather uneasy: the clean minimalism of the final drawings, evoking silence, equilibrium and peace contains the memory of the sick and weakened bodies of their creators. 

Katarína Macurová


Močková, Jana. « Kreslí v priamom prenose », in : SME, friday, april 14th 2011.


d’insensés desseins

d’insensés desseins

La Galerie Daniez & de Charette, Paris, France
12. 04. - 15. 04. 2011

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- d’insensés desseins, La Galerie Daniez & de Charette, Paris, France

Mardi 12 et vendredi 15 avril de 18h00 à 23h00

Salon d’Oriano 9 rue Portalis, 75008 Paris

CHIC Dessin

CHIC Dessin

Atelier Richelieu, 60, rue de Richelieu, 75002 Paris, France
30. 03. - 01. 04. 2011

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Represented by Galerie Daniez et de Charette

Du 30 mars au 1er avril 2012, de 11h à 20h
Atelier Richelieu, 60, rue de Richelieu, 75002 Paris

Après le succès de la 2ème édition de Chic Art Fair 2011 à la Cité de la Mode et du Design en octobre dernier, CHIC Dessin se tient à nouveau dans le magnifique espace de l’Atelier Richelieu, pour la troisième année consécutive, du 30 mars au 1er avril. Une vingtaine de galeries françaises et étrangères investissent les 700 m2 du lieu dans une ambiance « salon d’artistes »

Drawing Now - Le Salon du Dessin Contemporain

Drawing Now - Le Salon du Dessin Contemporain

Carrousel du Louvre, 99 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France
25. 03. - 28. 03. 2011

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Represented by La Galerie Particulière, 16, rue Perche, 75003 Paris, France

DRAWING NOW PARIS l LE SALON DU DESSIN CONTEMPORAIN is the leading contemporary art fair in Europe exclusively dedicated to drawings. 

Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr's Imaginary Museum

Following Histoire(s) de carnets,which marked Le Salon du Dessin Contemporain’s move to the Carrousel du Louvre last year, we have decided to introduce a new concept to the trade show. Remaining loyal to the idea of showcasing every aspect of drawing, we have designed a new format for DRAWING NOW PARIS whose content, entrusted to a loving and expert eye, will play on contrasting perceptions of the future.

To do this, we have adopted a method – the Imaginary Museum – previously proposed by one of the most discerning aesthetes of the 20th century, André Malraux. This method encompasses all formats, styles and techniques, thereby promoting the diversity and variety of contemporary drawing. Although, for Malraux, the museum without walls evoked all masterpieces, we intend to put it to a use which is more practical, more humble, but possible just as exemplary. To achieve this we needed to enroll a leading figure to put together "his" own museum without walls for contemporary drawing, by inviting him and supporting him in the organization an exhibition curated entirely by him.

He is a familiar figure in the art world who has always demonstrated his passion for drawing – he is Pierre Cornette de Saint-Cyr. What is less well known, however, is that the famous auctioneer was one of the very first – if not the first – to offer, in 1976, a contemporary drawing prize which existed for several years. We wanted to pay him the tribute of inviting him to inaugurate this new approach.

So it is therefore « Pierre Cornette de Saint-Cyr’s Imaginary Museum ».

Philippe Piguet, artistic director

In a blog:  


mercredi 25 mai 2011

J'ai eu l'occasion de voir les oeuvres de Kristina Heckova 2 fois. Au début à Fondation d'entreprise Richard, l'exposition intitulée "Ligne de chance" et à Salon de dessin contemporain "Drawing now" au mois de mars. 
c'était très interessant, car à ce moment-là je m'intéressais le dessin sur la mur.  
Comme un poète matérialise son monde interne avec des mots, les artistes lient le monde conceptuel à le monde concret par la ligne qui est matièraux essentiel.Surtout Kristina Heckova utilise les lignes et les lieux aussi. A mon avis,on peux dire que ces ouevres sont in situ art.En général les artistes qui travaillent sur in situ art approfondissent qu’est-ce q’ils pouvent poser un acte dans le lieux particulier et que cet acte influence le lieu de residence et les habitants. Ses oeuvres sont sensible à la spécificité du lieu.

Si les dessins de Kristina Heckova ne se donnent pas facilement, c’est que l’observateur doit d’abord les chercher dans l’espace d’exposition. Sa série intitulée "les animaux invisibles" a pour principe de se développer dans l’espace concret: elle dessine à même le mur, utilisant les accidents que sont les prises, les interrupteurs ou des décrochages de maçonnerie. Ou bien elle plante un clou et y accroche un fil auquel va littéralement «tenir» le dessin. Ailleurs, une partie de l’animal en pâte à modeler fait corps avec le mur. Là encore, c’est notre rapport à l’animalité qui se dessine : l’animal comme Autre par excellence, mais aussi confrontation à notre propre part d’animalité. Le trait de Kristina Heckova est précis, gracile, dépouillé. Le dessin suspend l’instant du regard.


Kristína Hečková - Works on paper

Kristína Hečková - Works on paper

Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery, 798 Art District, No 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District - Beijing 100015
15. 01. - 13. 02. 2011

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From January 15 to February 15, 2011, Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery, located in Beijin, presents a solo exhibition of Kristina Heckova, a young artist from Slovakia, winner of the 2010 FID Prize.

Kristina Heckova, a young student in 5th year at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, has won the first edition of the prize of the International Drawing Art Fair of the 21th century in March 2010.

Awarded by a jury of art professionals, the 2010 FID prize consisted of a one month solo exhibition at Hadrien de Montferrand gallery in Beijin : a rewarding experience for an emerging artist.

Created in 2009 by Hadrien de Montferrand, with the help of Laurent Dassault, Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery is the first gallery in China entirely dedicated to original works on paper by chinese and international artists.

Internationally oriented, Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery has chosen to present exhibitions of works in pencil, ink, gouache, felt, charcoal, watercolor and any other medium on paper.

This exhibition is a rewarding experience for this 26 year-old artist whose pure line aims at depicting a bestiary around white spaces.

The series of drawings entitled “Les animaux morts” (The Dead Animals) is composed of portraits of animals being tortured wtih a terribly calm face. This series of drawings express the suspended dialogue between humans and animals.

Kristina Heckova exhibition – January 15 to February 15, 2011

Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery - 798 art district, N° Jiuxianqiao Lu – Beijin, China -Tel: +86 139 1165 1353





« Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery expose a Pékin la lauréate du prix FID 2010! », in : Communicart, january 16th 2011.


« Slovak scenes », in : China Daily, friday january 14th 2011, p. 20. 

« Kristina Heckova », in : Contemporary Art, 12, décembre, 2010, p. 124– 127. 

Peinture, dessin, installations

Peinture, dessin, installations

Galerie d'art du Crous de Paris, 11 rue des Beaux-Arts, 75006 Paris, France
12. 10. - 23. 10. 2010
art opening: 14. 10. 2010, 18:00

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A quatre épingles : Kristína Hečková

Après ses études en Slovaquie, en Autriche et en Écosse, Kristína Hečková suit actuellement les enseignements de l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts à Paris. Lauréate du Prix 2010 de la Foire Internationale : Dessins du 21ème siècle, elle produit un corpus d’oeuvres centré sur le dessin dans lequel les paysages et les animaux prennent une place majeure.  Ces derniers, prenant comme terrain de jeu l’espace d’exposition, à l’image de sa participation à l’exposition Lignes de chance (2010, Fondation Ricard, Paris), sont parfois présentés dans des situations de fin de vie, en proie à la torture, et pourtant leur stoïcisme apparent produit une esthétique déstabilisante.

La série Finland’s Endangered Species (Les espèces en voie de disparition de Finlande) résulte d’une manière d’aborder le dessin qui se rapproche de la performance. A la manière d’une exploratrice téméraire, elle met à mal son propre corps durant une séance de dessin ininterrompue pendant 49 heures. Dans ses dessins d’insectes et d’animaux le recto-verso du crayon et de l’aiguille délimite point par point un exosquelette imaginaire. A la place d’une abondance discursive, son geste muet est le lieu de son expiation ; c’est maintenant au tour de l’artiste de se soumettre à la douleur, au point de se transpercer accidentellement la paume lors de la séance. Cette démarche se fait le reflet de l’urgence et questionne la manière dont un artiste peut prendre position aujourd’hui face à sa propre création. La série étant présentée dans un accrochage privilégiant la transparence, la couture en fil de coton qui transperce le papier et structure le dessin n’est pas sans rappeler l’agressivité de l’épingle entomologique du collectionneur d’insectes.

Dans une filiation avec la grande tradition du paysage romantique où l’homme évolue dans une nature mystique et sublimée, Kristína Hečková entreprend de schématiser à l’extrême les « traits » qui composent la création de mondes évanescents. Non sans rappeler la fascination pour la nature inviolée du Nouveau Monde, l’artiste nous invite ainsi à contempler seuls, quelque part entre la tranquillité et la peur, un univers presque interdit, empreint de la délicatesse de la nature mais dépourvu de présence humaine. Les acryliques de ses Paysages imaginaires, tout aussi éloignés de la mélancolie que de la simplification purement graphique, possèdent la limpidité d’une apparition, d’un terrain vierge propice à accueillir non pas l’homme, mais tout le bestiaire fabuleux des animaux et insectes de Kristína Hečková.


Valérie Nivesse et Emile Ouroumov (Collectif A3)

Foire Internationale Dessin

Foire Internationale Dessin

Loft Marquadt, 10 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris, France
26. 03. - 28. 03. 2010

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Kristina Heckova, a young student in 5th year at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, has won the first edition of the prize of the International Drawing Art Fair of the 21th century in March 2010.

jury :

Camilla Adami, artiste (Italie), Vladimir Velickovic, artiste, membre de l’Institut (Serbie), Christian Depardieu, galeriste (France), Pierre Durieu, libraire (France), Pantelis Makkas, artiste (Grèce), Hadrien de Montferrand, galeriste (Chine), Charles Penwarden, écrivain (Grande Bretagne), Alice Pfeiffer, journaliste (USA)


« Francúzsko: Slovenská študentka umenia Kristína Hečková získala cenu za kresbu », in : TASR, march 29th 2010. 

« Kristína Hečková remporte le prix de la Foire internationale de dessin 2010 »,  in : Radio Campus Paris, march 29th 2010.


« Kristína Hečková, laureate du prix FID 2010 », in : Communic’Art, march 26th 2010.


Lignes de Chance : Actualité du dessin contemporain

Lignes de Chance : Actualité du dessin contemporain

Fondation d'entreprise Ricard, 12 rue Boissy d'Anglas, 75008 Paris, France
09. 03. - 28. 03. 2010
art opening: 08. 03. 2010, 18:30

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Actualité du dessin contemporain

Curated by Bernard Moninot and François Bouillon
With Alex Besikian, Céline Biewesch, Jean-Baptiste Akim Calistru, Claire Chandelier, Marie-Anna Delgado, Théodora Fragiadakis, Julie Fruchon, Judith Guibert, Kristina Heckova, Marc Johnson, Tshituka Patricia Kutendakana, Anne Leclerc, Marlène Mocquet, Juliette Mogenet, Adèle Occuly, Aurore Pallet, Luna Picoli-Truffaut, Hélène Rivière, Lionel Sabatté, Julien Segard, Augustin Steyer, Xue Sun, Fanny Terrier, Lei Xie, Anaïs Ysebaert

« Arts holds a knowledge about us that exceeds any other, and this knowledge takes the form of drawings, not a language.»
Jean Luc Nancy*

On the occasion of the salon of contemporary drawing, the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard and the Ecole Nationale supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris present the work of students and recent graduates of the school for whom the practice of drawing is fundamental.

« The traditionnal relation between drawing and idea, the possibility of observing the creative process itself through the traces it leaves, now enhanced by new techniques and materials, open different perspectives on the space and materiality of contemporary drawing.

The aim of the exhibition presented at the Fondation d'entreprise Ricard is to introduce a series of graphic works by over twenty creators - all from the ENSBA - for whom it is a central practice and a means of expression of its own.

The practice of drawing typically involves traditional tools, but it may also use other, non-paper media. With serial drawing, installation drawing, mural drawing, drawing in movement, etc., the works exhibited show a great diversity of aesthetic choices and much singularity in the form or apparatus they depend on.

These works and their graphic experimentations attest to the emergence of new designs for what may be called "expanded drawing" (just as Novalis once wrote of "expanded poetry") and its constant redefinition of the practice.»

Bernard Moninot

* extract : Le plaisir au dessin, Editions Galilée, p 63.


This  exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue published by Editions des Beaux-arts de Paris « Lignes de Chance » bringing together the contribution of artists, writers, musicians, philosophers, etc... with a practical design, and a part devoted to the exhibition.
Prologue by Jean-Luc Nancy and introduction by Bernard Moninot.



in media: 

Paulhan, Camille. « Lignes de Chance / dessin », dans : Lacritique, march 17th 2010. http://www.lacritique.org/article-lignes-de-chance-dessin



T-Gallery, Panská 24, Bratislava, Slovakia
04. 12. - 21. 01. 2009
art opening: 03. 12. 2009, 17:00

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In media:

Fabianová, Zuzana. « Hečková je špecifický fenomén. », in : Noviny Joj, december 6th 2009. HYPERLINK http://udalosti.noviny.sk/z-domova/06-12-2009/heckova-je-specificky-fenomen.html

Fabianová, Zuzana. « Kristína Hečková bude vystavovať v Bratislave. » in : Noviny Joj, november 29th 2009.  HYPERLINK http://udalosti.noviny.sk/z-domova/29-11-2009/kristina-heckova-bude-vystavovat-v-bratislave.html

le diplome de premier cycle

le diplome de premier cycle

Galerie Droite, Beaux-Arts de Paris 14, rue Bonaparte, Paris
03. 06. - 03. 06. 2009

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